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Food options

You can pre-book lunch and dinner at the Upper West restaurant which is located inside the venue (by the Alpa workshop room).
The restaurant serves two courses each meal and a great salad buffet and coffee/tea is included. The restaurant has received great reviews from previous event participants.

If you have any questions about the food or allergies, please send an email to the restaurant manager Shuan:

Option 1
Pre-book all meals and pay at the same time as you pay for your event pass.
Includes 5 meals (3 dinners + 2 lunches) for only 500 SEK / €50.
Dinner Friday, Lunch Saturday, Dinner Saturday, Lunch Sunday, Dinner Sunday.

Option 2
Choose which meals you want to pre-book and pay at the same time as you pay for your event pass.
The price is 120 SEK / €12 for each meal.

Option 3
Buy your meals at the event for 140 SEK / €14 for each meal (cash or Swish).
We can only sell a limited number of meal tickets at the event, so first come first serve.
Event director: Eva & Odd Vesterli | Phone: +4670-334 76 44 | Email: