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GPDIA Instructors Education

West Coast Swing instructors education with examination for GPDIA

Compendium and examination will be on English, workshop will be on Swedish or English depending on the participants.
For the written test during examination it's OK to write in the language you choose.
Full pass is required to attend!!

When: 17th and 18th of August 2017, during Swedish Swing Summer Camp 2017
Location: Sweden - Stockholm, Upplands Väsby
Venue: Scandic InfraCity
Examination levels: Basic and Intermediate
Instructor and examinator: Odd Vesterli, GPDIA certified examinator
Registration: Send an email to
Basic level Intermediate level Both levels
Price workshop only: 1 200 SEK or €120 1 200 SEK or €120 2 200 SEK or €220
Price examination only: 1 100 SEK or €110 1 100 SEK or €110 2 200 SEK or €220
Price workshop and examination: 2 000 SEK or €200 2 000 SEK or €200 3 600 SEK or €360

Included in the workshop price:
- Workshop.
- Workshop compendium.
- Coffee/tea, fruit and candy.

Included in the examination price:
- Examination for GPDIA.
- Diploma if examination is approved.
- First year listed at GPDIA official website ( as approved instructor.
- Coffee/tea, fruit and candy.

Registration information (English or Swedish) in the email:
- Name.
- Registration reference ID (Full pass needed).
- City and country.
- Email for GPDIA registration.
- Short description about your WCS experience and your teaching experience.

Priliminary schedule:
- Basic level, Thursday 18:00 - 22:00
- Basic level, Friday 9:30 - 11:30
- Intermediate level, Friday 12:00 - 17:00

Requirements you need to know for Basic level:
- Basic 6-count patterns like side passes, spinning passes, sugar push
- Basic 8-count whip
- Some styling in your bascis and variations of your patterns
- Basic timing
- Syncopation variation
You will need 60% correct answer to pass the examination for Basic level.

Requirements you need to know for Intermediate level:
- You have already been teaching at Basic level
- Understanding about competitions
- Difficult patterns like hip catch, slingshot, ducks/dips
- Understanding of musicality concept
- Techniques and concepts like rock & go, tracing, floating anchor, connection, extension
- More options for basic patterns and more styling in basics
You will need 80% correct answer to pass the examination for Intermediate level.

Event director: Eva & Odd Vesterli | Phone: +4670-334 76 44 | Email: