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- You will receive a confirmation email with your details along with payment information. If not - look in your spam folder. Please send an e-mail to us if you donĀ“t receive your confirmation email. - The registration is not confirmed until you have paid.
- Listed prices are only valid if registration AND payment are done within time frame.

Couple registration (one leader and one follower)
For easier registration and payment, couple registration is advised.
It also keeps a good balance between leaders and followers.
Definition of couple registration:
One leader and one follower does the registration at the same time and both are paying for the same type of event pass (Full pass / Party Pass / Project Swing Pass).
If leader or follower cancel the event pass, the event director can cancel the entire couple registration if the
difference between the number of leaders and followers is too big.
Proceed to Registration - couple

Single registration
Proceed to Registration - leader only
Proceed to Registration - follower only

Party Pass
If we do have space left, we will have a limited number of Party Passes available later.
You need to pre-register and pre-pay for the Party Pass to be valid.
Workshops and competition are not included.
Late night snacks on Friday and Saturday is included.
If space left, the registration opens 2 weeks before the event.

Read about our cancelling policy and the cost of cancellation: Cancellation

Event director: Eva Vesterli | Phone: +4670-334 76 44 | Email: