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Mario Robau and Stephanie Mcpherson-Robau
Mario "Swing Daddy" Robau started dancing at the age of sixteen. He won the Southwest Regional title for the first time at the age of seventeen and began teaching professionally in 1986. For the last twenty years, Mario has traveled at least 40 weekends per year judging, teaching, deejaying, and emceeing at various dance workshops and conventions throughout the United States and Canada in the swing, country western, and shag dance circuits. Mario's Competitive credentials include: 2 time U.S. Open Classic swing dance champion; U.S. Open Team Champion and co-choreographer; 10 time Dallas Dance champion; 6 time Southwest Regional champion; 10 time Texas State champion; 10+ City Houston Championships; undefeated slow whip champion; 4 time Grand National Champion; 2 time Phoenix Jack and Jill Champion; Dallas Dance Hall of Fame; Youngest person inducted into Swing Dance Hall of Fame.
Stephanie McPherson-Robau is a 4 time UCWDC World Champion, twice in the Master's Division (the highest level of competition offered in the UCWDC) and twice in Division 1. No one in Houston has won more titles in this field. She has coached and taken at least 10 of her Pro-Am students to earn their own UCWDC World Championship Titles at their respective levels. Classically trained in Ballroom and Latin, Stephanie has incredible knowledge of dance technique in ALL dances, not just WCS!

Ben Hooten & Taletha Jouzdani
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Benjamin Hooten and Taletha Jouzdani both reside in Texas and are proud members of the Texas West Coast Swing Community. They formed their partnership a few years ago while dancing in the UCWDC Country Circuit but now are competing in the NASDE Showcase Division. They have joined forces again but this time they are bringing their talents together to compete and spread their love of teaching in the WC Swing Circuit. Ben & Taletha have been longtime friends and have always enjoyed dancing and teaching together. They have very similar styles and technical approaches to the dance which has created a dynamic professional team. They are already known for their ability to create the perfect balance of technical and playful in their instruction. Common themes in their workshops are musicality, creating a balanced dance, and dance as a conversation.

Taletha is a 5 time Us Open Classic Finalist, a two-time US OPEN Jack & Jill finalist and received 2nd place in the prestigious Nasde Jack & Jill tour in 2009 when she was an Advanced dancer. She is currently competing Jack & Jills and Strictlys at the Champion level.

Ben has over 300 amateur competition wins and he won the UCWDC Country World Championship Junior Division from 1997 to 2001. At the age of 15 he made it on to an all professional team that went to the US Open and placed 3rd. Benjamin now competes professionally on the NASDE West Coast Swing circuit.

Robin Smith
Robin Smith has been dancing, teaching and competing in dance as well as judging nationally and regionally for over 28 years. For the past 15 years he has concentrated exclusively on West Coast Swing, shying away from all the other dances he knows to study with only the very best in the West Coast Swing business. During his dance career he has successfully competed in the Classic, Showcase and Sophisticated Divisions. Among his accomplishments are numerous 1st Place titles and many top 5 placements at events all across the nation including a 3rd place finish at the US Open Swing Dance Championships in 2003. In 2011 Robin was a WAG AWARD FINALIST for Best Male West Coast Swing Instructor of the year. Which placed him among the top male west coast swing instructors in the USA for 2011.
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