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Competition Intensive with Mario Robau

We are excited to announce a brand new Intensve with Mario!!

Course content:
* How to do better in competitions?
* How to distinguish competitor skills from each other?
* What to to and how to think as a competitor?
* How to plan your scoring when judging?
This course is open to ALL LEVELS of dancers and there will be no gender balancing.

This Intensive is for intended for:
- Competitor
- Teachers
- Judges
- Everybody that are interested in competitions

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity only at Sweden Westie Gala 2018!!

Cost - 1 000 SEK or €100 for 4 hours!

The Competition Intensive will start on Friday at 11:00.

Event director: Eva Vesterli | Phone: +4670-334 76 44 | Email: