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Full Pass
National Full Pass is for people living in Sweden and will pay in SEK thru Bankgiro.
International Full Pass is for people living outside Sweden and will pay in Euro thru IBAN/PayPal/Cash.

The Full Pass gives you access to:
- Workshops on 4 different levels ( Read more about the main structure for the workshop levels )
- 4 parties / social dances
- Competition
Competition is included in this pass if you sign up online before the event starts.

Signing up for competition at the event will cost additional 100 SEK or €10 Euro.

Project Swing Pass
This pass gives you access to only one level of workshops, the Project swing level for beginners.
This pass is suitable if you are completely new to WCS or if you have tried it once or twice.
The pass includes entry to social dance party on Saturday.
Competitions are not included.
The workshops are going to be taught in Swedish and will be done through Project Swing.

Event director: Eva Vesterli | Phone: +4670-334 76 44 | Email: